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  • Rick

iPackTravel: The All-in-One Travel Library

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

iPackTravel's Travel Library uses a 5-stage travel cycle concept to manage current and upcoming trips. It is a library of resources to provide stage-by-stage walk-through from planning trips to booking flights and accommodations, from packing light to travelling leisurely, and sharing of experience after the trip.​

The five stages of a travel cycle are:

Plan → Book → Pack → Travel → Share

The Travel Library has three collections of resources:

  1. Travel applications (by iPackTravel app)

  2. Extended functions (by iPackTravel's sister apps)

  3. Online resources (by trusted service providers or affiliated partners)

All collections are distributed across the 5 travel-cycle stages according to their applicability at each stage for easy access.

Above: Travel Library menu with applications & online resources.