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  • Rick

7 Snacks to Dare Yourself in Cambodia

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Girl buying balut

This will be my first post on the so-called "bizarre" or "weird" food that most travellers have came to call those "abnormal" food that they have neither encountered before nor imagined eating them. Unless the food is really too extreme, I choose not call them that. There are many reasons why locals eat certain things or why the food are being processed differently. As travellers, we should not call them weird based on our lack of understanding of their histories, cultures or lifestyles.

I prefer to call those "abnormal" food simply as "dare" food. They are different from our usual staple, so it is a matter of whether we dare to try what the locals eat. I may not like what I tried but at least I know how they taste like after trying. I will start the "Dare Food" series of posts on iPackTravel with Cambodia since I posted an article on Angkor Wat recently.

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The photo (above) shows a little girl buying balut (half-developed duck embryo) from a street vendor in Siem Reap. It was on seeing what she was eating that I realised what the lady vendor was selling and I went for one too. If a little girl can eat it, why not me? And I dare you too.