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Taiwan.Kinmen: Food Trail in Houpu Town (金门后浦小镇)

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Travel Date: January 2013

Food Trail in Houpu Town, Kinmen

Kinmen Islands (or Jinmen, 金门), under the administration of Taiwan, is very close to Fujian Province of China than to Taiwan main island. Kinmen's cultures are largely influenced by Minnan (闽南) cultures, especially the food.

After arriving on Kinmen by ferry from Xiamen (厦门), I took a travel brochure from a shelf in Shuitou Pier and noted some recommended snacks and food to look for in Houpu Town (后浦小镇). That little guide served as a reference for my food trail on Kinmen Island.

"Houpu Town" is the old name of Jincheng Township (金城镇), located to the southwest of Kinmen Island. It is the most populous town on Kinmen and the nearest to the ferry terminal. It was also where I stayed for the few days when I was on the small island.

Don't worry about the prints in Traditional Chinese, I will go through the list in English. Despite having only 6 items on the list, it took me 4 meals over 3 days to complete it. Two of them were snacks, so I tried them for "afternoon tea". I also added three other local food to my list here.

1. Minnan-style Pastry (闽式烧饼)

There are several shops in Ji