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8 Must-Try Specialties in Hoi An, Vietnam

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hoi An Specialties

Hoi An is an ancient trading port in Central Vietnam, just south of Danang. It is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The culture in Hoi An is primarily of the Cham people with influence from the Chinese towards the end of the Ming dynasty. As such, the food culture in Hoi An varies significantly from Vietnamese culture.

We found 8 Hoi An specialties that you must try when travelling to the ancient town.

1. Cao Lầu (Hoi An Signature Noodle)

This signature noodle dish of Hoi An is not to be missed when in Hoi An. The noodle is made from rice with specific water drawn from undisclosed wells dug by the Cham people many years ago. The water, with some other special additives, make the rice noodles more enduring and with a light sweet scent. The noodle is so special that it cannot be replicated outside of Hoi An. So, don't miss cao lầu when in Hoi An old town.

When served, the noodle is topped with slices of barbecue pork, local greens, beansprouts, something crispy (can be pork crackings, deep-fried noodle, crackers, etc) and a spoonful of stock. Restaurants and eateries may add in their own concoctions of seasonings or garnishes for greater tastes.

Cao Lầu
Cao Lau with crispy noodle