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  • Rick

Trailblazing Street Arts of Armenian Street, Georgetown

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Little Children on a bicycle

Lebuh Armenian (or Armenian Street in Georgetown, Penang) has quite a number of street arts that existed since 2012 — when it was still a quiet old lane. Souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants sprung up around the street arts as these awesome artworks were drawing crowds to the area. Today's Armenian Street is a popular tourist spot for shopping, eat and posing with the murals. Yup, the murals are the real essence that brings life to the heart of Georgetown. These trailblazing arts also ignited the street arts culture in other Malaysian cities.

Over the course of 5 years, new ones were added to the scene while older ones faded. On a rough count, there are no less than thirty of them along Armenian Street and couple of lanes nearby.

I have so many photos of the murals I found that sharing all of them in one post will result in a long downloading time, so I segregate the contents into two articles. All murals along Armenian Street will be in this post. Murals outside Armenian Street, but still in Georgetown, will be in a separate article (use the link at the end of this post). A location map for all the murals are included at the end of this post too.

Let's check out the trailblazing murals that magically transformed Armenian Street.

1. Children on a Bicycle

Spearheading the list of murals found is none other than the "Children on a Bicycle", the most popular attraction along Armenian Street. This artwork was created in 2012 by Ernest Zacharevic, a Penang-based Lithuanian artist. This amazing creation features tw