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Batu Pahat Eat: Long Yee Claypot Chicken Rice (龍憶瓦煲鸡饭) @ Glutton Street

Batu Pahat's "Glutton Street" is located along Jalan Pengkai in Kampung Pegawai, near Batu Bahat Express Bus Terminal. And Long Yee (龍憶) is one of the few stalls in Glutton Street that opens just before lunch time. It sells "old-taste" claypot chicken rice (瓦煲鸡饭) and claypot yee mee (瓦煲伊面) and is popular among locals.

Long Yee Claypot Chicken Rice (龍憶瓦煲鸡饭)

Each claypot chicken rice is cooked on order.

Long Yee Claypot Chicken Rice: Cooking chicken rice

The claypot chicken rice has pieces of tender chicken meat and slices of Chinese sausage atop claypot-cooked rice. It is then drizzled with a dark sauce and added with chopped spring onions before serving. A small dish of powdered salted fish is served separately and diners can opt to add it to the chicken rice depending on own preference. Mix the meat, rice and salted fish powder thoroughly before eating and experience the "old-taste". The powdered salted fish was a great way to ensure evenness of its taste throughout the whole dish. Delicious.

Long Yee Claypot Chicken Rice: Claypot chicken rice

The claypot yee mee is served bubbling hot with slices of big mushroom, a couple of fishballs and an egg. It is simple and a nice alternative to the claypot chicken rice at Long Yee.

Long Yee Claypot Chicken Rice: Claypot yee mee

Long Yee is located right outside Sin Sin Foodstuff, a popular store selling delicious Hokkien, Teochew and Nyonya kuehs and many native products of Batu Pahat. Dining at Long Yee and buying local products from Sin Sin Foodstuff is killing two birds with one stone.


36-4 Jalan Jenang,Batu Pahat, 83000, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

11am ~ 7:30pm | Closed on Tuesday


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