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Batu Pahat Eat: Vietnamese Grilled Meat Rice (越南烤肉饭) @ Glutton Street

Located beside Long Yee Claypot Chicken Rice (龍憶瓦煲鸡饭), in Batu Pahat's Glutton Street along Jalan Pengkai, is one nameless stall selling Vietnamese grilled meat rice (越南烤肉饭) as its signature dish. Other than grilled meat rice, the stall sells mee hoon kueh and other noodle dishes too.

Vietnamese Grilled Meat Rice (越南烤肉饭)

The large and thin-cut meat is grilled with seasoning on orders.

Vietnamese Grilled Meat Rice (越南烤肉饭)

The Vietnamese grilled meat rice is a simple-looking dish with grilled meat, sunny side up egg and pickled vegetable. It is surprisingly light but tasty and not too strong-flavoured. The accompanying Vietnamese-style dipping sauce (made from fish sauce, chilli, etc) further enhances the flavour of the grilled meat and egg.

Vietnamese Grilled Meat Rice (越南烤肉饭)

I am curious how the stall's mee hoon kueh and other noodle dishes will taste like.


Along Jalan Pengkai, Batu Pahat, 83000, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

11am to 8pm


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