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3D Coffee Art at Coffee Amos, Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I like coffee and will also look for nice cafes with arty themes — be it drawn on the walls, on the tables or in the cups, so long as they are artfully decorated. I will introduce cafes too if they have nice ambience, especially if they are artful or have rustic feels. And I found a cafe with 3D coffee art in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I stumbled upon Coffee Amos while walking down Jalan Sultan, looking for a cafe to relax and get away from the overcrowded Jalan Petaling, the busiest street in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown. Without looking further, I walked in — I mean, walked "up" as the cafe is on the second level.

The simple signboard on the ground floor of the cafe gives an impression that it might be another plain-decor cafe, but I am not one who judge a cafe based on simple things like this. I decide if I like a cafe by spending some time in one and enjoy the coffee and atmosphere. If I like the cafe a lot, it will be featured in my travel blog.

On the blackened walls of the staircase leading to the cafe, there are chalk drawings of some little "minions".

The signboards outside the entrance of the cafe are rather retro with the year stated as "2013" — that was the year I last visited Kuala Lumpur.

The interior of the cafe are mostly covered in black and has more chalk drawings on them. The yellow lights give the cafe a cosy feel. Check out the next few photos.

At the bar counter, I asked for something special and was recommended one of the cafe's signature coffee called "Ocean 11", which was fine with me as I prefer hot coffee. The other signature coffees are "Rose Garden" and "Sweet 16". I also ordered a passion fruit cheesecake to go along.

And when the coffee was served, a cute little "cat" was smiling at me on the coffee. So, the signature coffees have foamy arts on them. The friendly staff informed me that they would create different foam cats for each cup of coffee. That means the cat may be different the next time I order another Ocean 11.

The cat looks like it was floating on the coffee with its paws above the surface.

After sipping away its "legs", the cat then swam happily in the coffee. Bravo! Another artwork was created after drinking the coffee instead of being destroyed. This is one of the reasons why I like cappuccino even though it contains a lot of milk — I like coffee and art.

Coffee Amos sure is a cosy place to chill when in Kuala Lumpur. For me, I will be back again to collect more photos of their "cats".

As for you, don't miss Coffee Amos if you are planning to travel to Kuala Lumpur! Go for the 3D coffee cats and chill out at the cafe.

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