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KL Cafe: 3D Coffee Art at Coffee Amos - CLOSED


Coffee Amos had closed down but I will still keep the photos of the happy fluffy cats.


I stumbled upon Coffee Amos while walking down Jalan Sultan, looking for a cafe to relax and get away from the overcrowded Jalan Petaling, the busiest street in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown. Without looking further, I walked in — I mean, walked "up" as the cafe was on the second level.

Entry door to Coffee Amos

The interior of the cafe was mostly covered in black and had chalk drawings on them. The yellow lights gave the cafe a cosy feel.

Interior of Coffee Amos

At the bar counter, I asked for something special and was recommended one of the cafe's signature coffee called "Ocean 11". The other signature coffees are "Rose Garden" and "Sweet 16".

I also ordered a passion fruit cheesecake to go along. When the coffee was served, a cute little "cat" was smiling at me on the coffee. The signature coffees had foamy arts on them. The friendly staff informed me that they would create different foam cats for each cup of coffee. That meant the cat might be different the next time I ordered another Ocean 11.

3D Coffee Art @ Coffee Amos


The cat looked like it was floating on the coffee with its paws above the surface.

Ocean 11

After sipping away its "legs", the cat then swam happily in the coffee. Another artwork was created after drinking the coffee instead of being destroyed.

Ocena 11 after sips

The main reason why I like cappuccino even though it contains a lot of milk is that the latte art will morph as I sipped the coffee.

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