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JB Eat: Man Han Sentosa Beef Noodle (满汉大丰牛肉面) @ Taman Abad

A new restaurant has sprouted near KSL City Mall in Johor Bahru, along Jalan Serigala, called Man Han Sentosa Beef Noodle (满汉大丰牛肉面). Although the restaurant is new, it is not entirely a new business. Known previously as Sentosa Beef Noodle (大丰牛肉面), its old outlet was located in an inconvenient spot in Taman Sentosa. It moved to Taman Abad and reopened its door in early October 2023.

Man Han Sentosa Beef Noodle (满汉大丰牛肉面)

Man Han serves primarily beef noodles with varying combinations of meat, tendon, cow stomach, tripe and beef balls in either soup- or dry-style. Apart from beef noodles, there are pork noodle and various fish options too. Most of the ingredients for the noodle dishes are also available as add-ons.

Man Han Sentosa Beef Noodle Menu

The traditional fresh beef noodle (生肉面) comes with thinly-sliced tender beef in clear beef broth garnished with spring onions and shreds of radish. The accompanying dipping sauce is sour-sweet with mild-spiciness to enhance the taste of the meat.

fresh beef noodle (生肉面)

For a spicy beefy meal, go for the mala mixed beef noodle (麻辣牛杂面), which is a new item that is not on the menu yet (at the time of writing). The tendons and beef are ultra-soft and so tender that they “melt” in the mouth. The tripes are cut into smaller pieces so it is soft and crunchy. I opted for less spiciness for the mala flavour but it still packed a spicy punch. Nevertheless, I finished the fragrant, spicy and beefy soup. Shiok!

mala mixed beef noodle (麻辣牛杂面)

Man Han has a daily-limited specialty item that is prepared using skirt steak (崩沙牛腩) — a small piece of meat closer to the cow’s belly skin which has balanced lean and fat meat — with herbs. The price for this dish is a little high so I will have high expectation for it.

Menu for skirt steak (崩沙牛腩) with herbs

I will find an opportunity to try it!


Man Han (满汉大丰牛肉面)

11, Jalan Serigala, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8am to 5pm | Daily


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