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JB Eat: Restoran Kiang (十五楼阿坚特制干面、粿条汤) Noodles @ Permas Jaya

Restoran Kiang (十五楼阿坚) is better known to older-generation Johorians as the "fifteen-floor" Kiang. It used to sell noodle dishes below a fifteen-storey flat that was built in the 1960s and later demolished in 2003. The owner of the restaurant then moved to Permas Jaya (百万镇) to continue selling its special dry-style noodle and kway teow soup.

Restoran Kiang (十五楼阿坚特制干面、粿条汤)

The "restaurant" looks like a small coffee shop with just one stall selling noodles and beverages served from the rear of the shop.

Restoran Kiang (十五楼阿坚特制干面、粿条汤)

Restoran Kiang's dry noodle uses mee pok (flat yellow noodle) if no other preference is specified. The (most basic) dry noodle, after mixing with some sauces, is served with slices of char siew (barbecue pork) and a separate bowl of soup with fishballs and slices of fishcakes. The noodle is nice and I like the char siew.

Restoran Kiang (十五楼阿坚) dry noodle

Other ingredients can be added to create a sumptuous meal. Additional charges apply, of course.

Restoran Kiang (十五楼阿坚) dry noodle with add-on ingredients

The ingredients that can be added includes pig liver, lean pork, fish maw, scallop, abalone slices, etc. The soup is tastier with more ingredients added, especially the pig liver.

Restoran Kiang (十五楼阿坚) soup with add-on ingredients

I will go for their kway teow soup next time.


Restoran Kiang (十五楼阿坚特制干面)

18, Jalan Permas 10, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8am to 5pm | Closed on Wednesday


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