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Kluang Cafe: Kafe Kaki Lima (五脚基) Cakes & Baguettes

Kafe Kaki Lima (五脚基)

Jalan Dato Teoh Siew Khor, in Kluang town centre, is not known to many people, but by mentioning the lane of "Kluang Street Art", most locals will point you in the right direction. Along this artful lane with numerous murals, there are a handful of small cafes with alfresco settings. Kaki Lima cafe is one of them, serving nice coffees and light bites.

Enjoying a cup of coffee at Kaki Lima along the art alley is a unique experience and a good getaway from busy city life. The best time to sit outside the cafe in the afternoon is after around 2:30pm, when the sun moves behind the rows of shophouses. Weekdays are best for spending some quiet time at the cafe than on weekends.

Kafe Kaki Lima in art street

Kaki Lima has a wide selection of beverages. For food, they have "sandwiches", which are mostly baguettes with different kinds of stuffing and roasted toasts. They have "cake(s) of the day" too, which changes frequently, if not daily.

Kafe Kaki Lima menu

Kaki Lima's caffe rose latte has a beautiful latte art of a rose on the silky milk foam — and sprinkled with some dried tea leaves. The frothed-milk coffee has a pleasant rose aroma and seriously delicious — not bitter and not too sweet either.

Caffe rose latte

The chicken baguette, served in a vintage metal plate. looks pretty old-school with slices of chicken ham, cheese, tomatoes and some kind of creamy sauce. The baguette has a crispy outer crust and is soft inside. To my surprise, it is yummylicious! I want to try more.

Chicken ham baguette

One of their cakes of the day, the tiramisu, a coffee-flavoured Italian dessert, has a thick layer of whipped creamy custard oozing down the sides of the coffee cake and topped with cocoa powder — almost like eating "mocha coffee". Surprisingly, the tiramisu is not too sweet despite its appearance and tastes lighter than expected.

Kaki Lima's coffee Tiramisu

The matcha lava cheesecake with oozy filling is full of matcha flavour, not too cheesy and too sweet either. I had it with a cup of hot peach tea.

Kaki Lima along the art lane is definitely a nice spot for coffee, cakes and baguettes when visiting Kluang.


Kafe Kaki Lima

17E, Jalan Dato Teoh Siew Khor, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

10am to 6pm | Closed on Monday


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