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Kluang Eat: Tangkak Beef (东甲牛腩面) Beef Noodle

Restoran Tangkak Beef (东甲牛腩面), as the name implies, originates from Tangkak, in northern Johor. Tangkak beef noodle is rather well-known in Malaysia and is hailed as one of the best beef noodles in Johor. The outlet in Kluang is probably the closest to Singapore.

Tangkak Beef's signature dish is their traditional beef noodle (soup version only) or rice. Ingredients, such as beef, cow's stomach, tendon, beef balls, tenderloin and omasum (or tripe), can be added at extra charges. Beef brisket noodle (牛腩面) is available for customers who don't consume innards. Other options such as fishball noodle soup, spicy chicken rice and curry chicken rice are also available.

The original traditional beef noodle (原味传统牛腩面) comes with a mix of tender beef briskets, lean beef, cow's stomach and beef tripe in delicious broth topped with minced pickled vegetable and spring onions. For normal size, it is a rather big bowl filled with most of the goodness. The sour pickled vegetable adds a refreshing touch to the tasty and non-oily broth, which are brewed with cow bones.

One item on the menu stands out among others — the claypot beef ribs (砂煲牛排骨). It is the most pricey item but looks delicious from the picture. I will try it on the next visit to Kluang.


Tangkak Beef (东甲牛腩面)

No 5, Jalan Langsat, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8am to 6pm | Daily

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