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Kulai Cafe: Three And A Half (三层半) Coffee & Sandwiches

Located in an alley called Lorong Kita, in Taman Kulai, in a unique building that has only 3 and a half levels, housed a little cafe. The name of the cafe is, aptly, Three And A Half (三层半).

In Lorong Kita, in a building with 3 and a half levels, a cafe

The cafe is rather spacious with a relaxing atmosphere.

Three And A Half (三层半) Interior

Three And A Half cafe serves mainly toasts, either pressed toast sandwiches (热压土司) or grilled sandwiches (香煎土司), with beverages that include traditional kopi. They have chicken porridge, fish balls and soft-boiled eggs as add-ons.

Three And A Half: menu

There is no butter & kaya toasts here for the coffee-toast-eggs traditional breakfast. In its place will be Three And A Half's signature sandwiches. Their kopi-o is strong and aromatic.

Three And A Half: Coffee, toasts, eggs

The ham, cheese and chicken floss pressed sandwich (火腿肉松芝士热压土司) is probably the most flavourful sandwich with 3 ingredients. When eating it while hot, long threads of melted cheese will be pulled from the mouth like spider web — a kids' favourite.

Three And A Half: Ham, cheese, chicken floss sandwich

The soft-boiled eggs are nicely done to the point of just-cooked with no raw albumen (egg white) and the egg yolk is still soft and molten. This is the state of soft-boiled eggs that I like best.

Three And A Half: Soft-boiled eggs

Three And A Half's traditional coffee-toasts-eggs is really good. And there are more flavours of sandwiches to try.


38, Lorong Ismail, Taman Kulai, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

8am to 4pm | Daily


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