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Malacca Cafe: Alley No. 5 (五號) @ Melaka Old Town

Alley No. 5 (五號) is a cafe that can be found in an alley known as Lorong Jambatan. The cafe was named "Alley No. 5" because it originally occupied unit No. 5 in the middle of the alley. It moved out of Lorong Jambatan about 5 years back to another location in the old town and moved back to the alley — at unit No. 18 — just a few months ago. The cafe's name remains unchanged.

The old cafe at unit No. 5 had a rustic feel, but the still-new cafe at No. 18 is pretty modern, look simpler and has air-conditioning.

The new cafe's menu is written on a huge mirror on a wall. It has quite a long list of coffee beverages and "Something" seems pretty tempting but it is an iced coffee — I probably will try that on the next trip. There is a list of simple food and dessert too.

Alley No. 5 serves good coffee as usual.

One of the cafe's homemade cheesecakes is lemon-flavoured — I have always wanted to try it since my last visit. Lemon adds a mild and refreshing sourness that enhanced the cheesecake. There is ondeh cheesecake also, which is rather unique, but I will try on the next trip too.

The affogato, an Italian coffee dessert, with vanilla ice-cream on a shot of espresso is welcoming after lunch or on a hot day.

Alley No. 5 opens shop at noon till night time, whilst most cafes will close before 6pm. It opens till midnight on Friday and Saturday. It is a nice little spot to chill at night with some beers along the thriving night scene of Lorong Jambatan.


Alley No. 5 (五號)

18, Lorong Jambatan, Kampung Pantai, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

12pm ~ 9pm | Closed at 12am on Friday & Saturday


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