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Malacca Cafe: Forever Cafe (随缘.怀旧馆) Bottled Mineral Water @ Melaka Old Town

Most people will not notice a little shop by the name of "Forever Cafe" along Jonker Street of Malacca Old Town. Some people will take photos of the rustic shop and moved on. Some people will buy bottled water from the shop and do not know that it was called Forever Cafe.

On the shop's signboard are two small Chinese characters (随缘), meaning "go with the flow". It is just a shop selling bottled water and few will ever remember it.

Forever Cafe

While new shops and hotels are springing up in Melaka Old Town and changing the appearance of the historical town over time, the rustic outlook of Forever Cafe retained the look of old-time Malacca. It can be considered a memory lane for many people.

Forever Cafe is located right beside Malacca Hokkien Huay Kuan (福建会馆) and has been around for many years — as far as I can remember. It is owned by an elder man who sells only bottled mineral water. The cafe does provide a long bench for customers to have a short rest — it will be moved in-door when the sun is up and high.

Forever Cafe

A small bottled water costs RM1 and RM2 for the larger 1.5 litre, chilled or unchilled. For Spritzer natural mineral water, a Malaysian brand based in Taiping, prices are RM1.50 and RM3 respectively. Prices may vary depending on the brands of the bottled water — and inflation.

Forever Cafe

It is super hot in Malacca, drink more water.


Between Malacca Hokkien Huay Kuan (福建会馆) and My Tee Story

Opening Hours:

When the elder is in the cafe.

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