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Malacca Cafe: The Stolen Cup @ Melaka Old Town (2022)

The Stolen Cup first setup shop in a small unit along Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street) in January 1997. I visited that rustic-looking outlet several times when I was in Malacca and tried their special coffees — the gula melaka latte and curaçao coffee.

A couple of years later, The Stolen Cup moved to a bigger unit at its current location along the same stretch of road and very near to the first outlet.

Similar to the first outlet, the "new" cafe also has vertical coloured wooden planks as its wall that give the cafe its rustic look.

The cafe has also retained most of the decorations of the original outlet.

Being more spacious, the cafe has more tables and is able to accommodate larger crowds.

The Stolen Cup's menu has also expanded to include a list of food options and more beverage types. There is also a "Specialty Coffee" section for some hand-brew coffees for the week. I tried their long black espresso with a blend of Brazil and Columbia beans and a burnt-cheese cheesecake.

The cafe's signature flavoured coffee, the gula melaka latte, is a must-try for first-time visitor to Melaka Old Town.

The curaçao coffee that I had once tried at The Stolen Cup is not on the menu. It could be one of the creations of the barista in 2017 that I happened to try. I will go for "barista choice" next time to see more of their new creations — or the curaçao coffee again.


The Stolen Cup

12, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

9am ~ 5pm | Closed on Wednesday


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