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Malacca Eat: Restoran Kok Keong (板底街芋饭肉羹汤) Pork Meat Soup @ Melaka Old Town

Located opposite the new De Xing Lung Kopitiam (德兴隆咖啡店), the near-90-year-old Restoran Kok Keong (板底街芋饭肉羹汤) has been serving pork meat soup since 1933. Similar to other popular establishments in Melaka Old Town, the kopitiam is usually crowded on weekends.

Pork meat soup (肉羹汤) is a traditional Hokkien dish with pork and beancurd in a lightly herbal broth. It is often mistaken to be bak kut teh (pork ribs soup) due to the use of similar ingredients and dark-coloured broth but it is an entirely different dish. Traditional bak kut teh uses primarily pork ribs, no beancurd, and is often eaten with Chinese tea.

Ordering the pork meat soup is pretty easy with their menu. Beancurd (tofu) is the standard ingredient. Lean meat, pig liver, intestines and pork steak can be mix-and-match as desired for the soup at RM8 (extra ingredients will have additional charges). Pig trotter and pork ribs will cost a little more. The soup can be served with either plain rice or yam rice.

Picking a standard soup set from the list with normal yam rice (large, RM2) will cost RM10 per person.

For first-time trying of the pork meat soup, it will be natural to go for the option with most ingredients included (beancurd, lean meat, liver and intestines) and yam rice. The lean meat and offals are fresh and tender and the broth is mild-sweet than herbal — the traditional taste.

Restoran Kok Keong is usually closed by 2:30pm on its working days and closed on Sundays. Weekdays or Saturday morning will be good times to try the pork meat soup.


Restoran Kok Keong (板底街芋饭肉羹汤)

11, Jalan Kampung Pantai, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

9am ~ 2:30pm | Closed on Sunday

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