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Singapore Eat: Ji Ji Noodle House (基记面家) @ Chinatown

Ji Ji Noodle House (基记面家), also known as Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist, is one of the several Michelin-accoladed stalls in Hong Lim Food Centre, Chinatown. It has been on the Michelin Guide since 2016. Ji Ji Noodle House specialised in a variety of noodle dishes.

Ji Ji Noodle House (基记面家)

Ji Ji’s signature dish is none other than char siew wanton noodle. Their chicken cutlet noodle is also a top-seller. Other noodle dishes include dumpling noodle, braised chicken feet noodle, braised soy sauce chicken noodle, shredded chicken Ipoh hor fun, (mom’s) curry chicken noodle and curry chicken cutlet noodle. Most of the main ingredients can also be added on as side dishes.

Ji Ji Noodle House: Menu

The char siew wanton noodle comes with a mountain of ingredients that include tender char siew, crispy fried wanton, flavourful boiled wanton, vegetable and sprinkled with crispy fried pork lard. The springy homemade noodle, tossed in a delightful dark sauce, and the ingredients make this dish both satisfying and delicious.

Ji Ji Noodle House: Char siew wanton noodle

The braised chicken feet noodle is covered with lots of chicken feet and some slices of mushroom. The soft skins of the chicken feet separate from the bones easily in the mouth. It is another great dish to enjoy. Ji Ji's chicken feet can also be added as a side dish to other noodle dishes.

Ji Ji Noodle House: Braised chicken feet noodle

To dine at Ji Ji Noodle House, it will be best to avoid peak hours, which can incur waiting time of around an hour.


Hong Lim Market & Food Centre (芳林熟食中心), #02-48/49

Opening Hours:

9:30am to 3pm; 5pm to 7pm | Closed on Thursday


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