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Singapore to Malacca on a Shoestring

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Malacca (or Melaka locally) is around 3 hours' journey from Singapore. It offers visitors a wide range of attractions for short and leisurely getaways. Malacca's Chinatown and historical sites bear evidences of Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and British influences in the old days. Modern offerings include a sky tower, boat rides, shopping centres, maritime museum, and more. The night market along Jonker Walk is always crowded on Friday to Sunday nights. This is where visitors go for cheap buys and eats. There are several options that travellers can get to Malacca from Singapore:

1. Free & easy tour package

2. DIY with reservations prior to trip

3. Self-drive

4. Go via trains

5. Go via buses and without reservations

6. Flying... forget it, there is no flights between Malacca and Singapore

Let's look at each of these, except no. 6, and compare each of their merits and demerits.

First, Basis for Comparison

To be fair, let's set the same assumptions for all comparisons:

  • Assume a 3D2N trip over a weekend — i.e go on Friday, back on Sunday. Room rates are usually cheaper on weekdays but since most Singaporeans go on weekends, we will use weekend rates to compare.

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