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Singapore to Malacca on a Shoestring

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Malacca (or Melaka locally) is around 3 hours' journey from Singapore. It offers visitors a wide range of attractions for short and leisurely getaways. Malacca's Chinatown and historical sites bear evidences of Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and British influences in the old days. Modern offerings include a sky tower, boat rides, shopping centres, maritime museum, and more. The night market along Jonker Walk is always crowded on Friday to Sunday nights. This is where visitors go for cheap buys and eats. There are several options that travellers can get to Malacca from Singapore:

1. Free & easy tour package

2. DIY with reservations prior to trip

3. Self-drive

4. Go via trains

5. Go via buses and without reservations

6. Flying... forget it, there is no flights between Malacca and Singapore

Let's look at each of these, except no. 6, and compare each of their merits and demerits.

First, Basis for Comparison

To be fair, let's set the same assumptions for all comparisons:

  • Assume a 3D2N trip over a weekend — i.e go on Friday, back on Sunday. Room rates are usually cheaper on weekdays but since most Singaporeans go on weekends, we will use weekend rates to compare.

  • All rates shown are obtained from websites of tour agencies, bus companies, hotels, etc, at time of writing this post. Figures shown may vary in future.

  • Exchange rate is SGD 1 : MYR 3.1 at the time of writing.

OPTION 1: Free-&-Easy Tour Package

For those of you who prefer hassle-free and luxurious stays, simply drop into a tour agency and get a travel package that includes both a hotel stay and 2-way transfers — and pay more.


  • No need to plan at all (you will pay the tour agency to do the planning for you).

  • Coach usually drops and picks up guests directly at the selected hotel.


  • Tour packages are usually for "two-to-go", so solo travellers will need to pay more as hotel room is usually for two occupants unless there are single rooms.

  • Selection of hotel is only from few options provided.

  • Time schedule is determined by the tour agency and they can change it anytime without your consent.

  • You cannot choose the type of coaches. If there are overwhelming takers for a particular travel period, the agency can request for a coach with more seats instead of those with lesser and bigger seats. There will be no refund on the difference in coach fares.

  • Need to gather at a specified place to take the coach (usually in the city area). If anyone is late, all will wait and be delayed.

  • Breakfasts are usually included. Probably the same international buffet every morning when there are good and cheap local fares everywhere. Anyway, the breakfasts are already paid once you sign up for a tour package.

  • All payments are in Singapore dollars.

The cost of a typical tour package (using a popular hotel in Malacca) is as follows:

Room in Hotel X (weekend rates):

- Twin-sharing: S$109.00 (1st night / pax)

- Single: S$152.00 (1st night)

- Extension: S$95.00 per room per night

2-way Transfer:

- Included in room rates

* Transport costs may be charged separately by some tour agencies

Working out the costs for 3D2N:

Total for 2 persons = S$313.00 (or S$156.00 per pax)

Total for 1 person = S$247.00

As shown above, it is usually more expensive for solo travellers to take tour packages because the rooms are usually twin-sharing.

OPTION 2: Do-It-Yourself with Reservations Prior to Trip

DIY with reservations requires some planning to get from point A to B and vice versa. It is not that difficult. Once the accommodation and transfers are booked, you can relax and enjoy the trip.


  • Flexible and according to your time schedule.

  • Preferred choice of coach type and where to board and drop. When heading to Malacca, you can choose to drop at somewhere convenient for lunch or coffee before check-in. When coming back, you can choose a different pickup point instead of the hotel of stay.

  • Preferred choice of accommodation. You can get either hotel, budget hotel, guest house or home stay, depending on your comfort level and budget. Do make use of discounts from hotel booking platforms, like, to get cheaper rates.


  • Need to gather at a specified place to take the coach. If anyone is late, the coach will leave without them.

  • All payments are in Singapore dollars. If bookings are paid by credit card in Malaysia ringgit, bank conversion rates will be used. Bank rates are usually lower than SGD 1 : MYR 3.1 as they are converted from MYR to USD, then from USD to SGD using their own markup rates, thus resulting in more SGD to be paid later.

Let's use the same hotel as Option 1 for comparison:

Room in Hotel X (with discounts via Agoda):

- Standard double room: S$96.00 (per night)

2-way Transfer:

- 1-way transfer: S$27.00 per pax

* Typical coach fares when booking online (can range from S$21 to S$33 on a Friday, and mid-range is at S$27, ref:

Working out the costs for 3D2N:

Total for 2 persons = S$300.00 (or S$150.00 per pax)

Total for 1 person = S$246.00

The slight cost savings for two persons is mainly from the discount via For solo travellers, there will not be much cost savings staying in a standard hotel room — better to find other accommodations with single rooms.

Without being restrained by a tour package, there is some flexibility in choosing cheaper coaches (using 44-seaters) to reduce cost. But, it depends on individual comfort level.

OPTION 3: Self-Drive

Technically, self-drives should not be in the comparison as not everyone owns a car. But let's list out the merits and demerits for those who are thinking of driving to Malacca.


  • Very flexible in time schedule — except when caught in traffic jams on weekends.


  • Need to know the roads and turns to get to Malacca.

  • High transportation costs. Need to pay vehicle entry fees and toll charges at the checkpoints, highway toll charges and petrol.

  • Vehicle can breakdown mid-way and ruin a holiday — you can't just dump it and continue your holiday.

  • The historical sites in Malacca has narrow roads (mostly single lanes and one-ways) and always congested during weekends with vehicles from other West Malaysian states, Singapore and also Malacca locals.

  • Chances of finding parking lots near places of interest are near impossible. The only use of a car is when going to secluded places outside of the historical city centre.

  • Fatigue when driving can result in accident, especially on the notorious North-South Highway. Make sure your car insurance has coverage that extends to West Malaysia.

To sum it up, there are too many cons to drive there and usually costs more.

OPTION 4: By Trains

For those who have too much time and money to spare, you can try taking trains. The nearest train station is at Tampin, about 40km from Malacca old city.

Malaysia's railway operator, KTM Berhad, started overhauling their website in 2016 and several times over the last 2 years. The English version was added recently. The railway network from Johor Bahru (JB) to Gemas is currently being upgraded, so train schedules are subjected to change anytime.

Effective from 16 Nov 2018, KTMB Intercity trains traverse between JB Sentral and Tampin. Note that these are the older trains, not the newer ETS trains.