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Taiping Street Arts

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Not only are there street arts in Malacca, Ipoh, Penang and Kuala Lumpur, there are several artworks in the small town of Taiping too. Some are added quite recently to promote tourism in Taiping. Due to my short stay in Taiping, I could not comb the whole town to seek out all the murals. Fortunately, a number of them can be found in the city centre.

The "Postman" mural (above) can be found at the intersection of Jalan Pasar and Jalan Manecksha. Below, the head of a locomotive.

A locomotive at Taiping Stesen.

Malay trader on ox-cart and European on horse-drawn carriage outside Taiping Old Market.

Tin panning at a tin mine.

"Devil in red shoes with a rose" outside a window of Lian Thong Restaurant. I wonder if there are more inside the restaurant.

On a wall outside Cafe de Memoire, there is an artwork depicting a comic series of the famous "Lao Fu Zi" (老夫子 or Old Master Q). I will show each piece of the artwork in sequence.

Note that the windows are part of the murals as well. And a white cat laughing at Old Master Q being "rejected".

And Old Master Q's friend, Big Potato, sits on a "pipe" and taking in the whole event calmly.

Notice the lamp-post has a real bulb? So I went back at night to check it out again.

There are more murals where I visited a historical coffee mill near the railway station. In the back alley of a building next to Antong Coffee Mill is this "Swallow Alley" mural.

And swallows flying around in the alley.

The mural of a "lady with coffee" in the premise of Antong Coffee Mill.

And a new mural was being added during my visit. The artist was painting a rain tree.

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On the side of the overhead road across the railway line is this long mural depicting "Taiping: Tourism Heritage City".

That's about all I discovered in Taiping. And I know there are more murals in places which I had not covered yet.

If you need help with locating the artworks above, check the map.

Happy hunting!

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