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  • Rick

Taiwan.Kinmen.Eat: Oyster Puff @ Jincheng Town Oyster Puff Stall (蚵嗲之家)

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Date: 15th Nov 2019, Friday, 4pm

I was back in Jincheng Town after visiting Xi Fang Village in Lieyu Township (烈屿乡西方聚落) and Shuitou Village in Jincheng Township (金城镇水头聚落). It was 4pm but I wanted to try a local snack despite a very full lunch. So I headed straight to Jincheng old town from the bus station.

The oyster puff stall that I wanted to try was closed the day before — a Thursday. And I did not want to wait for the coming weekend when there might be more tourists and locals. There was already a queue in front of the stall, about 20+ people, and I joined the queue.

The oyster puffs were made on orders, and it took about 5-7 minutes to process an order of two puffs — but there was an order from a tour guide for 24 puffs in the queue! After queuing for 20 minutes, I was still about 10 pax away. I was praying that there would be no last-minute large orders in front of me.

And it was nearing my turn, thanks to a couple of drop-outs during the long wait. Even though I was standing in front of the stall and watching the lady making the oyster puffs and putting them into the boiling oil one by one, I was still 3-4 pax away from the ordering counter.

On the board behind the stall, the price of each oyster puff (蚵嗲) was stated as NT$35. Other fried stuffs were available but most orders were for the signature oyster puffs.