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Taiwan.Kinmen.Memory: An Old-China Theme Restaurant (念念红楼国共餐厅)

Date: 17th Jan 2013

I visited Nian Nian Hong Lou (念念红楼国共餐厅), an old-China theme restaurant along Mofan Street of Kinmen (金门模范街), in year 2013. And I liked the old-oriental-theme and rustic decoration of the restaurant and also its food very much. When I returned to Kinmen in 2019 and back to Mofan Street to revisit the restaurant again, it had already closed down.

What I have now is the fond memory of the restaurant and the specialties that I first tried here: Mao Zedong milk tea (毛泽东奶茶) and the taste of Kinmen's moghania root (金门一条根).

I went to Shuitou Village in November 2019 and noticed a similar poster on the outer wall of Wind Lion God Museum (风狮爷文物坊) — were they related somehow? They both hailed Mao Zedong milk tea (毛泽东奶茶) as their signature beverage.

And the decorations of the restaurant.

The food menu with an old-China poster design on its cover.

I ordered a hotpot set with slices of beef with a herbal soup base that was prepared with moghania root (一条根), a rare medicinal herb of Kinmen. Since a complete length of moghania root would be very expensive, it was better to try its taste and benefits through a meal and this restaurant had it on its menu.

The portion of the hotpot set was really big and I almost could not finish it. But I had enjoyed the meal very much.

I also ordered their signature Mao Zedong milk tea, which was served after the meal. The strong milk tea was added with Kinmen's 58° sorghum wine (金门高粱酒), which gave the milk tea a unique taste and fragrance. The milk tea was also topped with some rose petals that further enhanced the fragrance. Wow, I liked this.

As mentioned earlier, this restaurant had closed down but the Wind Lion God Museum in Shuitou Village serves Mao Zedong milk tea too.

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