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Taiwan.Kinmen.Travel: Beishan Precipices (北山断崖)

Date: 17th November 2019, 11:00am

Seven years ago, I was at the top of Beishan Precipices (北山断崖) to see Beishan Broadcasting Wall (北山播音站). It was during a high tide then and everything at the bottom of the precipice was covered by the sea, nothing spectacular.

Back at the same spot again this time in 2019 and during a low tide, the beautiful scenery below was a sight to behold. The retreated sea had exposed a sandy beach and what looked like a bay.

Rows of connecting rocks off the shore were visible only during low tides.

Two men were fishing on the rocks.

Following the footpath on top of the precipices, I came to a long stretch of beach not far away. Its untouched layers of sands looked like woven silk on a traditional weaving machine.

One of the most commonly seen sights on any Kinmen beaches would be the rows of "rail spikes" (轨条砦) that served anti-landing purposes. Another common sight would be the concrete fortresses that dotted the coastline of Kinmen.

"我们祝愿世界人类的和平" — "we wish for peace among humans in this world". Not sure who wrote this phrase, but I wished that it became true too.

This post would not have exist if I had turned up at Beishan Precipices during a high tide.

For tidal information, go to Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau website and select "Kinmen Inshore":


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