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  • Rick

Photo Tip #1: Remove People from Travel Photos

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Photo editing tips (image from pixabay)

When you travel, you will go to tourist spots or popular places and take photos. You will not be alone in those places most of the times. And to take photos without other people in it, you either have to be there early in the morning or stay in a spot and wait for the perfect moment when everyone disappears from the view of your camera. If you are in a popular spot, it may be hours before that happens or maybe never. Will you have the time to wait?

Having people in travel photographs are rather common. But, what if you really want to have photographs of buildings, monuments or scenery, without people in them?

Photo with people in it

For example, consider the photo above with Tiong Bahru Market in the backdrop. The building is the main object and I would like viewers to focus on it. It is normal for people to be moving around a marketplace but the man in front was spotting a cyan-coloured shirt that can easily draw viewer's attention away from my intended object. I don't want him in my photo. But looking around, another group of people is going to walk into my camera's view soon, it's either now or wait another "few" minutes.

Here is a simple photo-editing trick to remove people from photos and can save you some time when travelling. Before that, you will need to do some preparation work.

# Step 1: Get a Series of Photos

You will need a set of photos that are shot continuously from an EXACT spot. The people that you don't want to be showing up in the photo must be moving. This method will not work on stationary people.