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Singapore See: Visiting the New Changi Jurassic Mile

Changi Jurassic Mile is a new attraction in Singapore that was launched on 11 October 2020. It features around 20 dinosaur exhibits along a walking track and is opened to the public. These permanent exhibits are stretched across 1Km along the track and are supposedly "life-size".

Located along the new Changi Airport (Park) Connector track, which stretches 4.5Km from Changi Airport Terminal 2 to East Coast Park, Jurassic Mile is right next to the carpark of Changi Airport Terminal 4.

Admission to Changi Jurassic Mile is free.

Getting There (without Driving)

Since Changi Jurassic Mile (let's called it "dino-walk" for short) is located near the carpark of Changi Airport Terminal 4, it may seem that getting to Terminal 4 (T4) is the shortest route to the attraction. But, that is not the case during the COVID-19 period as the whole T4 is temporary closed. So there is no shuttle bus services from T3 to T4 for the public (currently for staff only).

For those who are not driving directly to the carpark at T4, getting to the dino-walk will be via T2 instead. So, first of all, get to Changi Airport Terminal 2 via MRT from Tanah Merah Station or Expo Station or by buses (see Getting to Changi Airport).

After alighting at Changi Airport MRT Station, head for the exit to Terminal 2. Follow the signs to get to Hub & Spoke, a cafe with restrooms and bicycle-rental facility. The passageway will twist-and-turn through T2 to the bus waiting area on the ground floor.

At Level 1 waiting area, look for this prominent signpost across the road that will point you in the right direction. It says here that the dino-walk is still about 2.6Km away. So, make sure you allocate sufficient time to cover this distance either by walking or rent a bicycle. My personal advise is to walk if you are here solely for the dinosaurs!

My friend and I tried to rent some shared bicycles via Sg Bike at the bicycle parking lots. But we faced four issues:

1. There was a promo code for free rides but a top-up of $10 to the wallet via credit card was required before the code can be used. The $10 in the wallet was non-refundable.

2. Out of 5 bicycles that were parked there, 2 were out of service and 2 refused to respond. If we were to cancel the one that we unlocked successfully, it would still be charged as one trip. We ended up with two persons sharing one bicycle.

3 & 4. Read on...

Following the direction indicated, you will come to Hub & Spoke cafe after some 350 metres. Better bicycles can be rented here, but at a higher price as compared to using shared bicycles. If the intention is just to visit Jurassic Mile, it is not worth to rent a bike at all.

50 metres after passing Hub & Spoke cafe, there will be this little tyrannosaurus rex (or T-rex) holding a signpost. Those who drives will miss this dinosaur. Follow the red-coloured track from here to Jurassic Mile.

After passing Terminal 4, you will come to a multi-storey carpark. If you rent a shared bicycle, end the trip and park the bicycle here. It will be troublesome to handle a bicycle and taking photos at the same time, not to mention that most pedestrians will be on foot and riding bicycles on the same path is hazardous to them, especially to young children.

3. We returned the bicycle and noted that we were still being charged for the ride despite using the free promo code.

4. The designated parking area was full of shared bicycles. Even though we managed to shoved the bicycle into the yellow box (without a yellow QR code), we were still being charged with a $5 fine. We had to take photos and appeal through the app. It was a waste of time.

One advise: Just walk!

Visitors should refrain from riding bicycles into the attraction if the intention is to see the dinosaur exhibits. There are also Cisco officers on the 1Km track to ensure riders dismount from bicycles and push.

The 1Km Changi Jurassic Mile

A pterodactyl (a flying dinosaur) sitting on a rock at the northern entrance to Changi Jurassic Mile will welcome you. It marks the start of the 1Km walk.

This 3D head of a roaring T-rex at the entrance will change its shape when viewed from different angles.

A map showing the whereabouts of all the dinosaurs.

First of all, a triceratops (one of the defensive dinosaurs) with three horns and thick hide.

Two ankylosaurus in heavy armoured plates and club-like tails.

Next, three blue velociraptors surrounding a club car. The 1Km Jurassic Mile is right next to a golf course.

This baby T-rex that just broke out of an egg is the only exhibit that is not behind a fence. And it became rather "well-known" recently. First, a video that went viral online showed a lady "riding" on it and was condemned by netizens. Then, the baby dino was found to be vandalised and missing 5 teeth.

The exhibit was already repaired when we were there. As sensible and responsible people, please refrain from touching any exhibits — it's a golden rule around the world.

Next to the baby T-rex is this ferocious adult T-rex that seemed to be tearing at the fence. Well, the torn fence is part of the design, not a result of vandalism but do refrain from climbing it — it may really give way.

Next, a brachiosaurus (a herbivorous dinosaur) drinking water from the pond.

Five baby pterodactyl perched on a fence, each with a golf ball between the beaks.

A large stegosaurus with a flag in its mouth. It is an armoured, herbivorous dinosaur.

Followed by two parasaurolophus with identifiable long crests on the back of their heads.

The largest exhibits along the Jurassic Mile are these 2 apatosaurus with long necks that allow them to reached tall vegetation. Check out its size!

This apatosaurus also has a very long tail too.

Another pterodactyl sits at the southern entrance of the dino-walk. This is the last of the dinosaur exhibits. You can either make a U-turn back to Changi Airport or continue on the track to East Coast Park.

In total, there are 9 types of dinosaur and up to 22 counts of the exhibits, including the one outside Hub & Spoke.

Perhaps, a more imaginative way to walk through the exhibits:

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