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Rick Ng. Travel in Guilin, China

I'm Rick Ng. Call me a maverick.

i pack & travel.

About Us

I used to work in the software engineering field, working long hours and with 16-day annual leaves. The leaves were not enough for rest and to fuel my travel desires. So I switched to freelance mobile app development and travel as much as I want. And now, I am travelling, blogging and working on more mobile apps.

I believe it is important to manage one's personal finance well before taking the leap to travel around the world.

Build wealth before travelling the world
All our apps

The Apps

As an iOS app developer and with a passion for travelling, I started iPackTravel as an all-in-one app to assist me in my travels. Subsequently, other leisure apps with specific functions were added. These apps are on App Store so everyone can use them.

When going for frequent and long travels, I need to keep tabs on my finances. So I launched a suite of finance apps too to allow me to monitor my personal finance while on long journeys. I believe they will be useful to all travellers like me.

Be assured, I am a user of the apps too.

Travel, food and coffee are the 3 main enjoyments of my life (someone told me they are actually most peoples' enjoyments too). And I share about them through my apps, blog and on social media.

The Blog

I blog about my travels and share interesting places in Singapore to travellers. Be it trying out local food, cafe-hopping for nice coffee, appreciating arts, visiting historical sites, exploring vast natures, experiencing local lifestyles and many more. There are so many exciting things to share when travelling.

Since my first backpacking trip in 2005, and many such trips subsequently, I have since built up a knowledge-base on budget travelling and great places to explore. And I will be sharing what I know to help travellers.

All articles written by me (and sometimes, by my friends) are original and with photos to show.

I wanted to show my travel map in TripAdvisor here, but it is not allowed.

So I created the features in iPackTravel app to show my travel footprints with routes on a map and put it here.

More about "My Footprints" in iPackTravel and details about my travels.

Most of my journeys were in Asia with a couple of trips in Europe. So I just showed my footprints in Asia. It is also a region that I am familiar with — similar Asian cultures and lower language barriers.

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