Travel Library

Travel Library is a collection of travel-related resources from planning a trip to making reservations, packing for the journey, travelling in the destination and finally, sharing of experience with love ones.


Plan Your Trip

Do these pre-planning checks to determine your next travel destination or period:

These articles explain why pre-planning for trips are important:

After deciding your travel destination, use these resources or travel guides to plan an exciting trip:

More on how iPackTravel's in-app tools work in all stages of the Travel Cycle :


Make Bookings

Start preparing for your trip after your planning:

More on why you should get a travel insurance:

Reserve your accommodations online:


Pack Your Things

As your travelling date draws near, start packing your luggage or backpack:

These articles may be useful to help you to prepare for the trip:


When You Travel

When on the trip, you will need most of the tools provided in iPackTravel app. Check out the tools and other articles to assist you when travelling:

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Share Your Travel

These articles help you to prepare your travel photos for sharing: