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Mobile App

iPackTravel app includes two main modules — "My Trips" and "Travel Library". My Trips is a management module to keep tabs on all trips. Travel Library is a collection of tools and resources for travel needs.

My Trips

My Trips keep tabs on all past, present and future trips and is available only in the iPackTravel app. The module allows ease of access to all trips information, including past trips, while allowing the Travel Library to provide resources for the current or upcoming trip.

New! My Trips is now equipped with "My Footprints" to show all journeys on a single map.

iPackTravel My Trips & My Footprints

Main Features:

✓ Keep records of past trips, manage a current one and plan future trips.

✓ Retain data of past itineraries and travel routes.

✓ Extract data on travel destination from data libraries, such as country info, currency, timezone, languages, power outlets, etc.

✓ All data are available offline except for live data provided by 3rd-party services.

✓ No network availability issues to access own data when travelling.

✓ My Footprints maps all journeys on one map with options to show / hide routes and future trips.


Travel Library


The Travel Library uses a 5-stage travel cycle concept to manage current or upcoming trip. It is a library of resources to provide stage-by-stage walk-through from planning new trips to booking flights & accommodations, from packing light to travelling leisurely, and sharing of experience after the trip.

iPackTravel Travel Library

Resources in the Travel Library can be classified into three main categories:


In-App Tools

Most of the modules listed here are available for basic use in the free version of iPackTravel (iOS). In-app purchase is required for more advanced features and also premium data from 3rd-party service providers.

World Data

World Data provides offline libraries for countries & cities data, time zones, currency, coordinates, etc. Users do not need to search for these information anymore.

Trip Planner

Trip Planner allows planning of itineraries with day-to-day activity details and locations. Share itineraries with travel buddies before the trip.

Budget Planner

Budget Planner allows budgeting for each activity and track actual expenses on the trip. Know how much budget will be needed before going on the trip.

Packing List

Packing List assists user with list of customisable items to pack for different climate and hand-carry or check-in flights. It can serve as a reminder for what items to pack too.

Packing Tips

Packing Tips consist of trial-and-tested tips and ideas for packing light and small for any trips. No more heavy baggage and paying more charges for them.

World Outlets & Plugs

World Outlets & Plugs library lists all outlets and compatible plugs in every country. It can also perform compatibility checks for users' device plugs.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter shows exchange rates for 160+ currencies and perform currency conversions.

Trip Diary

Trip Diary allows updating of itinerary with actual events and expenses, like writing a diary. A great tool for users to write blogs after their trips.

Location Finder

Location Finder helps user to find desired destination without using maps and save on data charges.

Share Itinerary

Share Itinerary allows exporting of the trip itinerary in PDF file and share with whoever interested.

Space Saver

Instead of keeping multiple apps on your mobile device, just install iPackTravel. It saves hundreds of megabyte of storage space on your device regardless of whether you are travelling or not.

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