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iPT Currency: Get Currency Rates & Conversions for Travels

Updated: Apr 28

Currency rates and conversions from the iPackTravel app are now available as a standalone app! We named it iPT Currency — a branch out from the iPackTravel (abbrev. as "iPT") iOS app.

Currency exchange is essential for all travels, whether for leisure or business, so we keep track of currency rates. Good exchange rate is also a factor to consider when deciding where to go for the next trip. One example was the sharp drop in pounds in 2016 due to Brexit, it saw a big increase in visitors to the United Kingdom. That was a great opportunity for many people to travel to the UK at lower costs. Undeniably, currency exchange rate is an essential travel element.

Apart from travel, investments in foreign-currency stocks / mutual funds / Forex / etc., and expenses tracking in wealth management applications also need currency rates to calculate the equivalent values in respective home currencies.

Features of iPT Currency

1. You can add currencies from a list of 160+ currencies to your favourite list.

2. You can specify an amount in your home currency and see respective exchanged values of other selected currencies.

3. The rates shown are mid-market values (i.e for reference only).