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Leisure Suite

Our travel & leisure apps can be used in daily life as well as when travelling.

iPackTravel logo. Click to view app on iTunes.

iPackTravel manages all travel functions, and includes a currency converter, location finder, data libraries, and many more.

See App Features

iCountDays logo. Click to view app on iTunes.

iCountDays provides countdown function to important events with reminders and ability to use own photos. iCountDays also works with iPackTravel to provide day-counting and reminders for travel use.

iEmo logo. Click to view app on iTunes.

iEmo shares photos with quotes to social media sites. When travelling, iEmo helps to save data charges by using lesser data.

iGoDutch logo. Click to view app on iTunes.

iGoDutch splits restaurant bills both at home or overseas with support for different tax and surcharge systems, such as tips or service charges.

Wealth Suite

Our wealth apps help to keep tabs on personal financial health, which is an important aspect of life. Get all the apps and start to monitor your financial health with ease.

MyWealth is an application for computing your total wealth and to project your financial health. It syncs with all the apps in the Wealth Suite to provide a complete overview on your financial well-being. Simply enter the data you know and let the apps take care of the complex computations.

iTreasurer logo. Click to view app on iTunes.

iTreasurer tracks income and expenditures in daily life, travels and business using multi-currency wallets. And provides expense statistics for analysis of spending patterns.

iInvestStock logo. Click to view app on iTunes.

iInvestStock tracks investments in stocks to compute past returns and current values after accounting for admin fees and dividends.

iInvestFund logo. Click to view app on iTunes.

iInvestFund tracks investments in mutual funds to compute past returns and current values after accounting for admin fees and dividends.

iInsured logo. Click to view app on iTunes.

iInsured records all personal financial plans to summarise all benefits, cash returns and chart premium schedule. 

Handy Apps

Check out our other apps as well.


iPT Currency allows tracking of exchange rates for selected currencies with simple calculator for currency conversions.


iPT MapTrail maps hiking and travel trails when on the go. It also retrieves health data associated with the mapped trails.


Toto Trends analyses the results of Singapore Toto and displays the statistics in easy-to-understand charts. It also features a statistic-based number generator and bets checker.


Brew Coffee manages coffee-brewing recipes with text-to-speech capabilities and sound-assisted timer. Listen as the app recites the recipes while you focus on brewing delicious coffee.

Relationship Between Apps

iTreasurer is an expense tracking app that can be used in all walks of life. As a member of the Wealth Suite, iTreasurer tracks income and expenditures for many purposes, including extended budget planning and multi-currency expense tracking to iPackTravel for travel budget management.

Relationship between Leisure & Wealth Apps

Frequent or long-distance travellers or people working overseas should use the Wealth Suite to monitor personal finances while overseas.

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