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Toto Trends: Singapore Toto is a Game of Luck? Or maybe Not Entirely

Following the launch of our new series of "handy" apps — in which we started off with the IPT Currency Converter app — we just launched Toto Trends!

As the name implies, Toto Trends has something to do with Singapore Toto. It is not a gambling app, but more into analyses of past results and observing trends. Apart from being able to see the latest draw result in the app, past results of up to 5 years are also included for reference and for analysis purpose.

Tip: The blue-coloured numbers in the "Past Draws" page indicate repeated numbers from the draw before it.

As a start, we included the following analyses and statistics:

  • Odd-even combinations of each draw

  • No. of repeats between two consecutive draws

  • Number occurrence frequency

  • Number repetition frequency

  • Number occurrence intervals

The analysed data are displayed in colourful charts for easy viewing and comparison rather than just presenting tables of numbers. Filtering options are available too for selecting the desired range of data to analyse.

Other than statistics, we also included trend analyses of the results over a specified time period — configurable via the filter function. We hope this will be useful for studying the trends (or changes) of interesting statistics over time. The trend chart is displayed in a way such that it can be viewed in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Tip: It can be observed (in the chart above) that one particular draw (draw no. 3480 in June 2019) has up to 5 repeated numbers from its previous draw. It was a very rare occurrence.

Instead of spelling out all the functions here, do download the app (iOS only) and explore! We have several unique features that will not be disclosed here.

Download Toto Trends and study the results of the various analyses. Singapore Toto is probably not 100% a game of luck, maybe say 80%? The remaining 20% relies on understanding what is "luck" — the pattern or trend over a period of time.

Note: Toto betting is for age 18 and above only — learning probabilities and statistics not included.

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