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iInvestStock: Track Investment in Stocks

iInvestFund tracks mutual fund investments

Stock investment is the most common investment vehicle in the market but is often classified as high-risk. As an investor in stocks, you have to do your own due diligence on which stocks to invest in. Other investment vehicles, like mutual funds, invest in a number of stocks and other assets using diversification strategies to manage risks.


Investors usually perform trades via trading platforms and most of these platforms do provide tools to help investors analyse the markets. However, they can only monitor trades that go through them and cannot keep track of transactions that take place outside their platforms, such as dividends, rights issues, transfers of shares, etc. In a way, these trading platforms usually do not have an overall view of actual returns and is often not aware of additional shares that you may actually be holding.

iInvestStock is designed to monitor your investment in stocks, track all transactions and compute returns in one app without you logging on to the trading platforms frequently. Use those trading platforms for carrying out actual trades instead. Track performance with iInvestStock.

Monitoring Stock Performances

It is necessary to monitor stock investments as stock prices can go up and down over the years. When desired profit levels are achieved or when stocks are not performing after long periods due to troubles, it is time to sell or re-invest in other stocks that have growth prospects.

iInvestStock uses "Portfolio" as the grouping container to hold multiple stock investments. It can be configured based on common source of investment money, common objectives or according to different trading platforms.

After setting up one or more portfolios of invested stocks, iInvestStock will show the performance of every portfolio with respect to their initial investment costs. Performance of each stock investment can also be viewed after tapping into respective portfolio. Apart from tracking buy and sell trades, the app can also track right issues, stock splits, dividends, etc.

Investment performance

Update Stock Prices

iInvestStock allows stock prices to be updated in the app. Once the prices changed, all portfolios will be updated with new current values. Stock prices can also be automatically updated via Yahoo Finance (if the stock exchange is supported).

Ease of updating stock prices

Track Returns of Investments

The main objective of iInvestStock is to compute returns of all stock investments, giving an overall view on investment performance or returns. iInvestStock provides a facility to set a desired target price for each invested stock. When a stock price hit or exceeded the set target price, an alert will be shown to highlight the target-achieved stock.

Set target prices and be alerted

Accounting for Fees

iInvestStock takes into considerations all fees to compute actual returns. Front-end and back-end fee structures can be defined and optionally be auto-applied for all buy and sell transactions in the app. In that way, iInvestStock can compute current returns after taking into account any front-end fees. It can also forecast actual returns before selling by calculating back-end fees (if any) and minus it from expected returns.

Fee Management

As fee structures can only be defined by you based on the charging system of the trading platforms you use, there is no way iInvestStock can know if the structures are defined correctly. So, a fee calculator is provided for checking each fee structure. Simply simulate a trade value and number of shares and the calculator will use the structure to compute a fee. If the fee is correct, your fee structure is defined correctly.

Currency Exchange

As some stocks are invested in foreign currencies, iInvestStock supports currency exchange by retrieving exchange rates from a third-party provider. You can toggle currencies between showing all values in your home currency or in the currencies of the investments.

Add-On Modules

In order to keep the price of iInvestStock low, some complex functions are designated as add-on modules for users to access them only when needed. The add-on modules can be enabled after in-app purchases.

1. Summary Module

The Summary Module provides a list of summary reports on current investments according to periods, overall returns (both realised and unrealised), recent transactions and also a dividend map.

Summary Module

The Dividend Map function gives a mapping of all dividends collected against a month-year calendar. It is a useful tool for dividend investors.

2. Contra Functions

This function is for Singapore and Malaysia only.

If you perform contra tradings and would like to track them separately from paid trades (i.e the contra trades are not averaged up with existing paid shares), enable this module. All accounting for contra shares will be handled separately from paid shares, including setting different target prices for contra shares.

Data Privacy & Security

iInvestStock do not link to any financial institutions to perform actual trades. All data entered into iInvestStock is stored on your device only and is only accessible by you. In addition, the app provides an option to enable password protection as well as Touch ID (fingerprint authentication) on iOS devices.

Wealth Suite Interoperability iInvestStock is also part of a group of personal finance applications consisting of MyWealth Suite and Wealth Suite Bundle. MyWealth is a free application to compute your total wealth and for monitoring your financial health. It can sync data automatically with all apps in the Wealth Suite Bundle.

iInvestStock will sync the current total value of all investments in stocks with MyWealth (if it is installed).

The Wealth Suite bundle consists of another 3 finance apps, namely iInvestFund, iTreasurer and iInsured. Download both the Wealth Suite Bundle and MyWealth today.

Download Wealth Suite Bundle

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