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iInvestStock: Track Investment in Stocks

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

iInvestFund tracks mutual fund investments

Stock investment is the most common investment vehicle in the market but is often classified as high-risk. As an investor in stocks, you have to do your own due diligence on which stocks to invest in. Other investment vehicles, like mutual funds, invest in a number of stocks and other assets using diversification strategies to manage risks.

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Investors usually perform trades via trading platforms and most of these platforms do provide tools to help investors analyse the markets. However, they can only monitor trades that go through them and cannot keep track of transactions that take place outside their platforms, such as dividends, rights issues, transfers of shares, etc. In a way, these trading platforms usually do not have an overall view of actual returns and is often not aware of additional shares that you may actually be holding.

iInvestStock is designed to monitor your investment in stocks, track all transactions and compute returns in one app without you logging on to the trading platforms frequently. Use those trading platforms for carrying out actual trades instead. Track performance with iInvestStock.

Monitoring Stock Performances

It is necessary to monitor stock investments as stock prices can go up and down over the years. When desired profit levels are achieved or when stocks are not performing after long periods due to troubles, it is time to sell or re-invest in other stocks that have growth prospects.

iInvestStock uses "Portfolio" as the grouping container to hold multiple stock investments. It can be configured based on common source of investment money, common objectives or according to different trading platforms.

After setting up one or more portfolios of invested stocks, iInvestStock will show the performance of every portfolio with respect to their initial investment costs. Performance of each stock investment can also be viewed after tapping into respective portfolio. Apart from tracking buy and sell trades, the app can also track right issues, stock splits, dividends, etc.

Investment performance

Update Stock Prices

iInvestStock allows stock prices to be updated in the app. Once the prices changed, all portfolios will be updated with new current values. Stock prices can also be automatically updated via Yahoo Finance (if the stock exchange is supported).

Ease of updating stock prices