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7Km Trek + Sightseeing around Bukit Timah Hill

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Bukit Timah Hill

Planning a visit to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, or just Bukit Timah Hill, in Singapore? How about combining a nature exploration, education, and some history of Singapore with a workout session?

We have suggested routes for a 10Km Full Circuit Trek and a 7Km Hill Loop Trek in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve with all above objectives in mind. These treks are suitable for locals and overseas travellers to get the most fulfillment out of a single visit to the nature reserve.

In this post, we will run through the route for the 7Km Hill Loop Trek. Do check out the 10Km Full Circuit Trek too as some routes may overlap and some are planned in opposite directions for different trekking experience.

If you are interested only in hiking on the hill and not so much into sightseeing, check out this post instead:

New 7Km Hike @ Bukit Timah Hill

Trekking Objectives

The primary objective of the 7Km trek is to discover more about Bukit Timah Hill. The trekking route will bring you to places of interest in and around the hill, explore the rain forests and see wild floras and faunas with as