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Malacca Eat: Jonker 88 (大寶小食) Nyonya Laksa & Cendol @ Melaka Old Town

Jonker 88 (大寶小食), as its name implies, is located at No. 88 of Jalan Hang Jebat, also known as "Jonker Street", in Melaka Old Town. It is a famous name for Nyonya laksa and Melaka cendol. On weekends and public holidays, there will usually be a long queue outside Jonker 88.

Jonker 88 (大寶小食)

Although Jonker 88 seemed to be a restaurant, it is actually a shop with two stalls in it. Diners will have to find a table, buy their food at respective stalls and bring the food back to the table themselves.

Jonker 88: Two stalls

The Nyonya laksa stall serves 3 types of laksa dishes: the Nyonya asam laksa, the Nyonya Baba laksa and Nyonya asam laksa kahwin Baba laksa, which is a combination of the first two. Apart from laksas, the stall also sells "Baba salad" (a.k.a. "rojak" in Singapore).

Jonker 88: Menu

Nyonya Baba laksa uses vermicelli in a thick sweet-spicy broth made with coconut milk, curry, etc. Other ingredients are half an egg, prawns, fried stuffed tofu skin, minced mackerel (yes, not just for asam laksa), shredded cucumbers and onions — ingredients may differ depending on availability.

Jonker 88: Baba laksa

Nyonya Asam laksa uses the thicker lai fun noodle in a sour-spicy broth made with asam (tamarind), curry, etc. The ingredients are generally the same as Baba laksa except for the type of noodle and broth.

Jonker 88: Asam laksa

Nyonya asam laksa kahwin Baba laksa (translated as "marriage of asam laksa and Baba laksa") has similar set of ingredients but uses lai fun and a sour-sweet-spicy broth. Despite the spiciness of the broth, you may be tempted by its nice taste to empty it.

Jonker 88: Asam laksa kahwin Baba laksa

The laksas can be really spicy! You may be soaking in perspirations half-way through a bowl of laksa. But, no worries, the other stall will come to your rescue. Get a bowl of Nyonya Baba cendol to cool off the spiciness — or the heat if you are not eating laksa. The cendol comes with a big ice ball sitting on green jellies and topped with coconut milk and gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar). It's the best iced dessert right after a bowl of laksa.

Jonker 88: Baba cendol

The cendol can be enhanced with other ingredients like nata de coco and durian puree for more flavours.

Jonker 88: cendol + nata de coco + durian

Jonker 88 is one place to experience both fiery laksa and icy cendol under one roof.


88, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

9:30am to 6pm, Fri & Sat till 7:30pm | Daily


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