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Ipoh See: Mural Art's Lane in Ipoh New Town

Street arts in Ipoh

The Mural Art's Lane in Ipoh, Malaysia, is a back lane in the new town with more artworks being concentrated here than any other places in Ipoh. Unlike the street arts in Ipoh Old Town, travellers do not need to search the whole of the new town for the artworks — they were all painted on walls along a single lane.

There are quite a number of murals in Mural Art's Lane and are mostly paintings. Some were painted some two years back and have faded while new ones are still being added. Most of the artworks in Mural Art's Lane depict festivals and cultures of all races in Malaysia. Recent additions depict both motherly loves, fatherly loves and also bonds between siblings. It is a place where you can understand more about Malaysia than anywhere else.

I will just post a few pieces. The rest are for you to discover.

Animals of the Zoo

Join the animals of the Zoo.


Men making ceramic wares.

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping. Jump with the kids and have a photo taken by your travel companion.

Boys only

Boys only. See how creative you can be with this mural.

The photographer

Cheers and have your photo taken by the "photographer" and your photographer.

Hide and seek

More murals on all four sections of a wall. Notice the boy with his back to you? Seems like he is playing hide-and-seek. But where are his friends hiding?

Hide and seek

There they are! On the other side of the lane, behind those pipes.

Hide and seek

Ssshheeeee... They are asking that you don't tell the boy where they are hiding.

Hide and seek

And three more kids hiding on another wall, but too close to the boy and too open.

Mother making ketupat, child sleep on lap

There are arts dedicated to mothers too. This mural depicts a mother making ketupat (Malay rice dumplings) and a child is sleeping on her lap.

And a lot more.

The Location

Mural Art's Lane is indicated with a dark green icon on the map. Locations of murals in the old town (on the other side of Kinta River) are also shown.

There are murals in other parts of the new town too. You can search for them if you have more time in Ipoh. As a start, head over to The Majestic condominium, there should have a series of more exquisite murals.

Most public wall arts can't stand the test of time, nature and vandalism. So, find and record them before they become history.

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