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  • Rick

Taiwan.Kinmen.Eat: Guangdong Congee @ Lian Cheng (连城广东粥)

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Date: 15th Nov 2019, Friday, 8am

I needed a full breakfast. And I wanted to try the local Guangdong congee (广东粥) again. I had first tried this locals' favourite breakfast choice some 7 years back and liked the congee since then, so it was a must-eat for me when revisiting Kinmen after all these years.

I came to a Guangdong congee shop — Lian Cheng Guangdong Congee (连城广东粥) —just 80 metres from Backpack Home 497, where I stayed in Jincheng Town. Despite the cold late-autumn morning, it was rather warm inside the shop. All the guests were wrapped in their cold-weather gears, except the staff. I felt a little warm, took off my light jacket and invited some curious looks from the next table. I just smiled back — no reasons to explain to strangers that I came from the equator and did not feel the "cold" as much as them.

After looking at the shop's options, I decided to go for minced pork with century egg congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥, NT$60) and a fried dough stick (NT$10), instead of ordering Guangdong congee (NT$70). It was not a complete flip of mind from what I had intended to eat, as the two types of congee were the same except for the difference in ingredients. I would have some cuts of century egg with lean pork instead of minced prawns with minced pork and pork balls. Both congee would have thinly-scrambled egg and chopped spring onions added.