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  • Rick

The day I challenged myself on the 36Km Coast-to-Coast Trail

Updated: Jul 27

Date: 6th November 2020 (Friday)

The Preparation

A long-distance hike is not a 1-day event, it is advisable to do some homework and be prepared before attempting the hike.

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The Early Morning

The alarm clock went off at 5am sharp. I silenced the clock, "blinked" my eyes and 15 minutes slipped away. I jumped out of bed to get ready for the longest hike in my life — conquering the 36Km Singapore Coast-to-Coast (C2C) Trail.

Having packed the things that I needed for the hike the night before, what was left for the morning was to prepare and have a full breakfast. Unlike my usual breakfast of 4 pieces of bread with a cup of coffee, I added an extra half a teaspoon of sugar to my coffee this day and cooked some noodle with minced meat and veggies.

I also packed 3 large bananas into an ice-cream container, which I put in my backpack, to prevent them from being squashed. I ate the last one that could not fit into the container. These would be the calories to start the day and none would remain in my body by the end of the day.

At 6:30am, I left my house. But I did not get very far. The 1-litre water bladder bag that I bought online specially for this trip started leaking profusely. I would not be able to complete the hike without water, so I turned back to have the leaking bag replaced with my old 750ml water bottle. Another 15 minutes slipped away.

It was 7:20am when I reached Lakeside MRT Station. I had wanted to start the hike at 7am and end by 7pm. Even though I was late, I still aimed to finish by 7pm regardless. A quick visit to the washroom at the station and two sets of leg stretching exercises, I set off at 7:30am.

The Hike

The starting point of the 36Km C2C trail was at the junction opposite Lakeside MRT station (the spot where I took the photo below). It was supposed to be in Jurong Lake Gardens 🚧, but the whole park was closed for re-development till June 2022. The trail from the new start point to Checkpoint 1 was mostly re-routed using footpaths outside the park.

(Throughout this post, I will use 🚧 to denote construction sites along the trail, so I don't have to write long stories about each site and the detours that I took).

I followed the C2C signposts (see photo below) along Boon Lay Way and headed towards Checkpoint 1. These signposts dotted the whole C2C Trail, guiding hikers from one end to the other.