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Cebu See / Buy: Alegre Guitar Factory @ Lapu-Lapu City

As part of a city tour in Cebu, we came to Alegre Guitar Factory in Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island. It was an opportunity to see the guitar-making process and for those who are into acoustic guitars to get new and good-quality ones.

Alegre Guitar Factory

The musical instruments are usually made using locally-sourced woods, such as mango or jackfruit wood, mahogany, etc. Imported woods, like cedar and rosewood, may also be used. The inside of a guitar may have different arrangements or "acoustic patterns" to create different sound characteristics or effects.

Acoustic patterns in guitars

The guitars, and ukuleles too, are then assembled without using nails as they can affect the quality of the sounds produced.

Assembled guitars without nails

The next step will be to paint and polish the instruments to give them beautiful, shiny finishes.

Polished guitars

Last step is the stringing process. Guitars will usually have 6 strings and ukuleles will have 4 strings. The material of the strings can be either be metal or nylon.

Stringing the guitars

And the finished instruments are showcased in the sales gallery.

Finished guitars in sales gallery

If you are not into guitars or ukuleles, there are guitar miniatures and keychains in a souvenir shop in the same compound. Bring some back as souvenirs of Cebu.

Guitar souvenir shop

If you play guitar or ukulele, visiting Alegre Guitar Factory to witness the making process and/or to buy a good-quality guitar is highly recommended. If you are a traveller who happens to chance upon the place, it can be a great way to know more about Filipino traditional music culture.


Alegre Guitar Factory

Pajac-Maribago Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

Opening Hours:

8am to 6pm | Sunday: 9am to 5pm | Daily


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