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JB Eat: Sunday Morning Coffee Shop @ Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

Sunday Morning Coffee Shop is a little Halal cafe located above a lottery shop near to Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Walk, few units away from Hua Mui Restaurant, along Jalan Trus.

Sunday Morning Coffee Shop

Sunday Morning's entrance is to the left of the lottery shop with wooden steps leading to the second floor where the "coffee shop" is.

Sunday Morning Coffee Shop Entrance

Sunday Morning cafe is a small setup with just 7 tables, one of them facing the window and overlooking the street below.

Sunday Morning Coffee Shop bar counter

Decorations are rather sparse in the limited space of the cafe, but a display shelf in one corner showcased some vintage cameras and Japanese artefacts.


Two sets of specially-made glass apparatus, known as "drip tower", are setup to make coffee via a percolation brewing method known as "cold dripping" — not cold-brewing, which is an immersion method. Cold dripping uses normal-temperature water to drip onto the coffee bed slowly and collect the brewed coffee after filtering. It takes several hours to brew.

Cold-drip coffee tower

Sunday Morning serves both cold drip and (hot) hand drip coffees, and some non-coffee beverages, with a Japanese meal menu, toasts (shokupan) and desserts.

Sunday Morning Coffee Shop menu

I have tried their hot hand-drip coffee using single-origin Mandheling coffee beans from Sumatra, Indonesia, and also the "Japanese Ice Coffee" which is brewed hot via hand-dripping over ice. The cold coffee emphasised the taste profile of the blended coffee beans with lighter body. I have yet to try their cold-drip coffee.

Cold-drip coffee

Sunday Morning's Mentaiko udon looks pretty simple with thick udon, fresh pollock roes, mushrooms and seaweed in a white creamy sauce. But the taste is really great — no wonder it is greatly recommended by those who have dined at the cafe.

Mentaiko udon

"Sunday Morning Bento Set" is served with sweet and savoury minced chicken and scrambled egg on white rice, accompanied by a bowl of miso soup and some sides — it was beancurd with seaweed and a slice of red pomelo for my meal. The lightly sweet chicken and egg is truly Japanese-style. It is light tasting and nice too.

Sunday Morning Bento Set

I will try their Japanese curry rice / udon next time and probably try the Japanese-style toasts too.


Sunday Morning Coffee Shop

124, Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

10am to 6pm | Closed on Wednesday

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