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Kluang Stay: RS Boutique Hotel

Kluang, in the central part of Johor, Malaysia, is probably not a tourist spot with lots of tourist attractions but it does attract hikers to Gunung Lambak and travellers who like to explore places off the beaten path — like me.

RS Boutique Hotel is a nicely-decorated building near the narrow Mengkibol River, about 150 metres' walking distance from Kluang Street Arts. The hotel is a good budget option for short stays.

RS Boutique Hotel

The Superior Tatami room — which I stayed — is a clean and cosy room. The mattress is laid on a raised wooden platform. The odd thing is the concrete pillar in the middle of the room — well, not that it really matters.

RS Boutique Hotel Superior Tatami Room

I expected a "tatami" but the mattress is firm and comfortable, and "feel" like a tatami. I am not used to those overly-soft types that are used in most hotels and always give me backaches instead of good rest.

RS Boutique Hotel bedroom

The attached bathroom is not very big but rather clean and satisfactory.

RS Boutique Hotel bathroom

The roof top is accessible from the 3rd floor or through the stairway. It is spacious and offers a great spot to check out the surrounding and to catch sunrise over Gunung Lambak to the east.

RS Boutique Hotel Roof Top

Under the same roof as RS Boutique Hotel is Gomix Cafe (halal) which is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a convenient place for hotel guests to have meals just next door without having to walk far.


RS Boutique Hotel

1 & 2, Persiaran Yayasan, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia


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