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Singapore Eat: Thai Cuisines @ Yhingthai Palace

It was a farewell gathering for a close friend, who would be immigrating to one of the European countries, and she suggested Yhingthai Palace. We thought it might be an expensive restaurant given its location in the city area and Michelin-accoladed, but it turned out otherwise. The quality of the food was very good and prices were quite reasonable.

There were three of us so we ordered from Yhingthai Palace's a la carte menu. Each of us picked one dish that we would like to try and added a veggie dish and soup to complete the meal.

First on the table was grilled squid with paprika sauce (pla muk yang). Grilled squid was one of my favourite and this dish was superb in a way the squid meat was still tender and juicy after grilled with some herbs, ground peanuts and minced chilli. Yummy!

Next was the golden-brown fried stuffed chicken wings (peek kai sord sai). The menu highlighted that the deboned chicken wings were stuffed with asparagus, shiitake mushroom and chicken meat. This crispy treat, dipped with sweet-sour-spicy sauce, would be an all-time favourite for most people.

No meal would be complete without a vegetable dish. We had stir-fried fresh baby kailan with chopped chilli (phad khad nah).

Tom yam soup was a must at any Thai restaurant and we ordered a serving of their clear tom yam prawn soup (tom yam kung) each. There were several big prawns in the sour and spicy clear soup — never judge the spiciness of a soup based on its colour.

Bringing up the rear was the olive rice (khao phad nam liap) served with sweetened chicken, dried shrimps, cucumber, lime, shallots and chilli. It was my first time trying olive rice and I loved it at first taste — and I had not tasted a better olive rice elsewhere ever since.

It was really a good meal and I definitely would be back again. If my friend would be coming back to Singapore to visit us, Yhingthai Palace would be the best place for reunion.


36 Purvis Street, #01-04

Opening Hours:

11:30am ~ 2pm, 6pm ~ 10pm | Daily


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