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Kluang Drink 🔞: Toddy Shop @ Jalan Syed Abdul Kadir

The nameless toddy shop, located along Jalan Syed Abdul Kadir, is a stone’s throw from Kluang Railway Station. It is situated within a gated premise with a big mango tree.

There are tables and benches, for drinking-in, under a steel roof and under the shades of the big mango tree — nice environment if it is not too hot.

The price list on the door of a little concrete hut shows that toddy, also referred to as “todi” or “tuak” here, is available in mug, jug or 1.5L bottle.

(I learnt later that tuak is actually a local wine made from fermenting glutinous rice and toddy is palm wine made from fermenting coconut tree’s palm sap naturally. They are different but often used interchangeably by locals.)

Bottled wine must be kept chilled in a fridge. Without a fridge, the wine must be consumed within 2 days or it will turn bad.

A large mug (RM6) of toddy is roughly about 500ml. It has a slight sourish-fermented aroma but tastes sweet-acidic, like some fizzy drink after losing its bubbles. The alcohol content is not very high — probably lesser than 3%.

However, it may be better to bring your own drinking container, or a glass for taking better photos.

If you have some spare time in Kluang, run out of things to do or have not tried toddy before, give it a go. Just one mug will not get you intoxicated — I hope.

Make sure you are of legal age to drink!


21, Jalan Syed Abdul Kadir, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

11:30am to 4pm | Daily

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