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JB Buy: Yee Siang Confectionery (億香食品) Yam Mooncakes @ Taman Sentosa

It was a surprise to find Yee Siang Confectionery, a traditional bakery, hidden behind Plaza Sentosa — despite being in Taman Sentosa several times but never venturing beyond the shopping mall. The confectionery, from Penang, bakes traditional biscuits like mung bean biscuit (tau sar piah), wife biscuit, etc.

Yee Siang Confectionery

During the Mid-Autumn festive period, Yee Siang makes a wide variety of traditional mooncakes of different flavours and also Shanghai mooncakes with lotus filling. Their signature product is the freshly-baked yam mooncakes (芋头月饼), with or without single salted egg yolks.

Yee Siang's Yam Mooncakes in glass shelf

I bought a box of 4 yam mooncakes without egg yolks and 1 with salted egg yolk.

Yee Siang's Yam Mooncakes

The yam mooncake, in flaky layered crust, has authentic yam taste — real yam is never too strong in flavour nor bright purple in colour. This is really good, has authentic taste and not too sweet.

Cut yam mooncake

Yee Siang's owner had advised me to slightly heat up the mooncakes in the oven before eating for better texture, and I did that with the mooncake with salted egg. The flaky crust becomes crispier and the lightly warmed mooncake tastes even better.

Yam mooncake with salted egg yolk

I also bought two traditional mooncakes with durian flavour to try.

Durian mooncakes

The smooth filling — not too dry — is a mixture of durian and lotus paste, giving the mooncake a mild durian flavour without an overly strong durian aroma. It is a different experience and I like the taste — it is more a mooncake than durian.

Durian mooncakes with beautiful filling

Yee Siang's mooncakes are only available during Mid-Autumn Festival. I will be back after the festive season to check out their traditional confectionery.


Yee Siang Confectionery (億香食品)

No. 30, Jalan Sutera 2, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

10am to 8pm | Daily


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