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Kluang Eat: Pre-Tea Q (艳芋茶社) Glass Jelly Dessert

The purple-theme Pre-Tea Q, a cafe with Taiwanese-style dessert, is where I have my "sexy encounters" in Kluang, Johor.

Pre-Tea Q @ Kluang

The Chinese name of the cafe is called 艳芋茶社, accompanied by a phrase "芋见最美的邂逅", which has no real meaning when interpreted directly. However, by replacing "芋" (yù), meaning yam or taro with "遇" (yù), same pronunciation but means "meet", the phrase "遇见最美的邂逅" became "meet the most beautiful chance encounter".

So, if "芋" and "遇" are interchangeable, Pre-Tea Q's Chinese name will also have a playful connotation to it. "艳芋", meaning "colourful yam", has the same pronunciation as "艳遇" which means "sexy encounter" — I mischievously told someone that I was going to Kluang to seek "艳(遇)芋", which sounded like I was seeking some "sexy encounter" in Mandarin. After the trip, I showed them photos of the "sexy yam" dessert I had at Pre-Tea Q. 🤣🤣

Pre-Tea Q bar counter

Pre-Tea Q's signature Taiwanese-style glass jelly dessert, select either cold or hot, is customisable with any three toppings from a range of selections. There are pre-concocted options too, which are popular combinations chosen by most of its diners. Other than glass jelly desserts, the cafe also serves cafe food and light bites, mostly western cuisines.

Pre-Tea Q's menu

I was spoilt for choices for the dessert, so I ordered the most popular pre-concocted cold glass jelly with "yam Q", "sweet potato Q" and pearls. "Q" is a Taiwanese term to describe "chewiness" in soft and firm food.

"Yam Q" and "sweet potato Q" are yam or sweet potato mixed with sweet potato starch or tapioca starch to give them soft and chewy texture — similar to the famous taro ball dessert that I tried in Jiufen of Taiwan (台湾九份芋圆). The cold dessert with chewy toppings was a good thing to have on hot days.

Taiwan glass jelly dessert with yam Q, sweet potato Q and pearls.

I visited Pre-Tea Q twice for its glass jelly dessert after meals. I will visit the outlet again during meal time to try other food options.


Pre-Tea Q (艳芋茶社) @ Kluang

260, Jalan Lambak, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

11am to 10:30pm | Daily

Pre-Tea Q is a franchise business and has several outlets from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur. Check its website.

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