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SG Michelin: Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa (驰名结霜桥三轮车叻沙)

I first came to know about Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa was from the first Singapore Michelin Guide in 2016 and have visited the stall in Hong Lim Market & Food Centre several times. The couple manning the stall are very friendly and will not hesitate to explain a little on how their famous dishes were made — without giving away their secrets, of course.

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Since I am doing another round of Michelin food hunt, I decided to revisit the stall and try their specialties again.

Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa's specialties are their Asia delight laksa (or trishaw laksa) and the one-and-only-in-Singapore fruit juice mee siam (a Malay noodle dish that was adapted from Thai flavours). I have tried the trishaw laksa several times, both with and without crayfishes, and the fruit juice mee siam twice.

Trishaw laksa ($9 with crayfishes) is different from other laksa as crayfish and slices of chicken meat are added on top of common laksa ingredients, such as fresh cockles, prawns, fishcakes and, of course, thick rice vermicelli. The rich and tasty broth is also nicely done without it being too spicy (chilli added separately) or oily, and it is smooth to drink till the last drop without feeling sinful.

It is still a unique experience to try the trishaw laksa for me after having tried many kinds of laksa both in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Fruit juice mee siam ($4/$5) is a unique re-creation of the Malay noodle dish using fresh fruit juice instead of the usual sour assam (or tamarind paste). It is hard to tell which fruit juice or cocktail of fruit juices are used, but the sourness is definitely softer and refreshing. I have the tendency to choke on the sourness of assam, so the fruity broth is really comforting.

Apart from the use of fruit juice, slices of tender chicken meat and fresh prawns are also added for the $5 option. These ingredients are usually not seen in a plate of traditional mee siam. As always, I finished the whole bowl including the last drop of the broth.

🏆 : Bib Gourmand

📍 : Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, #02-66

🕘 : 10:15am - 3pm

😴 : Closed on Sundays

* During the COVID-19 period, stall's operating hours may differ.

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