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Singapore Cafe: Pet-Friendly Four Paws @ Beauty World

Four Paws is a relatively new cafe that setup shop on the 4th level of Beauty World Centre, next the exit where an overhead bridge leads to Rifle Range Nature Park and Bukit Timah Hill. The cafe serves "coffee, ice cream and sandwich" as stated on its signboard outside the shop.

The little cafe is quite cozy with light music playing in the background. Most of the tables and seats are in the air-conditioned cafe, with a couple of tables outside the cafe (not air-conditioned).

Four Paws is a pet-friendly cafe and houses a Pet Grooming Area in a glass-enclosed room at the back of the cafe. Customers can bring their pets to be groomed here and have coffee while waiting.

They have some interesting cups with an animal in the centre of each cup. I wonder if they really serve any beverages with these cups.

Four Paws has a wide range of gelato with interesting flavours, which is also the cafe's hot-seller — most of them were about to be emptied by mid day on a Saturday.

My cup of cappuccino but there is no dog or cat in the cup. 🤣

The avocado and smoked salmon tartine comes with a poached egg and some salad — as my lunch after a 10Km hike. The tartine looks like an easy dish but requires a lot of effort from the staff, having to prepare all the ingredients separately and putting them together.

Four Paws is a nice cafe for coffee and light bites especially for little gatherings.


144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-12 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

Opening Hours:

9am ~ 9pm | Fri to Sun till 10pm | Daily

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22 août 2023

thank you 😄

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