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Singapore Cafe: Cuppafield Cafe @ Bukit Batok

Heard of David Copperfield, the great magician? This cafe is named "Cuppafield" to sound similar to his name. And "cuppa" means a cup of coffee or tea. It's magic!

Cuppafield is the nearest cafe to my home and it naturally became my most frequented cafe for coffee and meals — and to soak myself in the cafe's relaxing ambience.

The family-run cafe is not very big but still accommodates about 15 tables with flexible arrangement for guests in different group sizes.

A gelato ice-cream counter with wide selections of flavours sits just beside the bar counter. One of Cuppafield's signature dessert is waffle with gelato, which is welcoming on hot days and super-loved by kids. Vanilla gelato is also added to espresso to make affogato dessert and to root beer as float.

Outside of meal times, I will visit Cuppafield just for coffee and sometimes with cakes, especially when there are new or interesting flavours.

For meals, I like the pan-seared chicken. The mashed potato, fresh greens and grilled chicken thigh are lightly flavoured with mushroom sauce. This light dish is great for skipping carbohydrate.

Another main dish is the fish & chips with salad and homemade tartar sauce. The deep-fried fish is just nice and not too dry.

The Angus beef burger with truffle fries is not too big and about the right portion for a normal meal without being too full. The tender and juicy thick beef cut retains its beefy flavour with smoky pepper sauce, red onion and cheddar cheese.

Other than western food, pastas and burgers, there are also some great sides for accompany the main dishes. One of then is the spicy buffalo wings, which is great for sharing among a group of friends.

Other dishes that I have tried at Cuppafield include "Thai dory fish", "chicken on the beach" and "old-school cheeseburger" — not on the new menu anymore.

Despite visiting Cuppafield frequently, I am still going down the list of food on the menu and not reaching the pasta section yet — I will probably jump to that section next time.


446 Bukit Batok West Ave. 8, #01-01, Singapore 650446

Operating Hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 11:30am ~ 3:00pm, 6:00pm ~ 8:30pm

Saturday: 11:30am ~ 9pm

Sunday: 11:30am ~ 8:30pm

Closed on Monday



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