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SG Cafe: Cuppafield Cafe @ Bukit Batok

It had been a while since I went cafe-hunting. And I finally found the time to start trying the cafes in my neighbourhood. Looking back at all my "coffee" posts, I realised that most of the cafes that I wrote about were from my overseas travels — very few nice cafes in Singapore were mentioned. Well, here's one cafe to start the ball rolling.

Heard of David Copperfield, the great magician? This cafe was named "Cuppafield" to sound similar to his name. And "cuppa" meant a cup of coffee or tea. It's magic!

It was on a quiet Sunday noon-time when I walked into Cuppafield Cafe and seated myself to a bar table instead of the dining tables that were meant for more people. I took some time to soak myself in the cafe's relax atmosphere while browsing through the menu. The cafe was not crowded at that time — 12pm on a Sunday is usually pretty early for most people.

The little family-run cafe was sparsely decorated with lots of walking space. I liked the white-painted bicycle near the entrance with some pots of faux lavender plants.

The cafe was self-service so I went to the bar counter to order my usual cup of cappuccino and their chef-recommended pan-seared chicken chop. I also checked out the cakes on display and noted the ondeh ondeh cake, which looked yummy — I would give it a try next time. There was also a gelato ice-cream counter with wide selections of flavors for their waffles. They should make affogato (Italian coffee topped with ice-cream) with those gelato too. I would definitely give each gelato-flavour-affogato a try.

When my orders were ready, I could not wait to dive straight into the chicken chop. It looked really mouth-watering. But first, my cuppa of cappuccino served with a piece of cookie and topped with some chocolate powder. Unsweetened cappuccino was my favourite.

One thing I liked about the pan-seared chicken chop was the "less-salt" taste. The mashed potato was not salted, neither was the vegetables and grilled chicken. The only trace of saltiness was in the little mushroom sauce that was spread on the plate. And that's what healthy food really should be — it's not about less or no meat but lesser sugar and extremely lesser salt.

I did not know that their pastas are the best-sellers. But, I know I will be back again to try more.

Back for more...

Yup, and I was back with a couple of friends to try more of their main dishes.

I went for Thai dory fish and my friend tried the "chicken on the beach". The other friend went for the pan-seared chicken chop that I recommended.


446 Bukit Batok West Ave. 8, #01-01, Singapore 650446 (see Google map)

If you are taking public buses (157, 174, 178, 506) from Jurong to Bukit Batok, you should be able to see the cafe from the left-side windows after the bus turned right into Bukit Batok estate. Alight at Millennia Institute and walk back along the road.

Operating Hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 11:30am ~ 3:00pm, 6:00pm ~ 9:00pm

Saturday: 11:30am ~ 9pm

Sunday: 11:30am ~ 8:30pm

Closed on Monday


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