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Singapore Eat: Sushi Airways @ Arab Street

I love Japanese sushi and sashimi. But two years of the COVID pandemic stopped me from visiting any restaurant for raw food. As the episode comes to an end in Singapore, it is time to go for my favourite food and I don't mind splurging on it — once.

With a like-minded friend to go for good sushi / sashimi, we shortlisted Sushi Airways for several reasons. The "Airways" in the restaurant's name already suggested something special. Hence, we came to Arab Street, the Malay Heritage Centre of Singapore, to fly with Sushi Airways.

Sushi Airways

The restaurant is actually on the second floor. A metal-plated shopfront on the ground level with a steel door leading to a steel stairway that ascends to the dining area above — it is like boarding an aircraft.

Sushi Airways is Singapore's first aeroplane-theme restaurant. Stepping into the restaurant is akin to entering the cabin of an aircraft, the walls and ceiling are metallic and the windows are modelled after real aircraft windows. The air stewardess welcomed us with a flight manual and two boarding passes — I mean, the waitress welcomed us with a menu and two little souvenirs (boarding-pass-size name cards).

Sushi Airways' flight manual & boarding passes

We started with Sashimi Moriawase and a bottle of cold Japanese sake — Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo (獺祭.三割九分.純米大吟釀) for the record.

Sushi Airways - Sashimi Moriawase & sake

Sashimi Moriawase is a platter of assorted fresh sashimi. There are 6 types of seasonal or shell fish, including salmon (shake), bluefin tuna (hon majuro akami), yellowtail (hamachi), swordfish (mekajiki), salmon belly (shake harasu) and scallop (nama hotate) topped with some salmon roes (ikura). Great to go with sake.

Sushi Airways - Sashimi Moriawase

For sushi, we ordered ikura sushi and ... (I forgot!). Each order of sushi comes in two pieces. Ikura has always been our all-time favourite — the sweetness that pops in the mouth.

Sushi Airways - Ikura sushi

After the cold sushi and sashimi, we ordered a hot dish of grilled eel (unagi kabayaki) that is topped with sesame seeds and sweet sauce. This is so delicious but we did not order rice to go with it since we were almost full.

Sushi Airways - Unagi Kabayaki (grilled eel)

Why is there another photo of the Dassai 39 sake here? Well, we ordered another bottle. The cold, refreshing and fruity sake with subtle aroma is a great drink to go with sushi.

Sushi Airways - Second bottle of sake

On a side note, keep alcohol in check and go for more great sushi and sashimi or other Japanese cuisine. The two bottles of sake cost a little more than the food we ordered — anyway, regard it as a celebration for a new live after the pandemic.


20A Baghdad Street, Singapore 199659

Opening Hours:

11:45am to 2:30pm; 5:45pm to 9:45pm | Daily


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