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Singapore Eat: Keyaki Japanese Cuisine @ Pan Pacific Hotel

Two friends and I attended a friend's wedding dinner (some time back) that were held at Pan Pacific Hotel in a Japanese restaurant named Keyaki. Keyaki was an elegant restaurant on the 4th floor and the wedding celebration was held in a traditional Japanese house in a garden settings with a koi pond.

Keyaki serves authentic Japanese cuisines. The food photos of the wedding dinner are posted below but I don't have the names of all the dishes since I forgot to take a photo of the food list. Just enjoy the photos and drool.

First, an appetiser with fresh uni (sea urchins) and some big clams — I had two sets because one of my friends don't eat raw stuff (it's unfair, I know).

Keyaki Japanese Cuisine

Next was another appetiser to sample various Japanese foodstuff. The most interesting item was what looked like a stalk of wheat with fried/grilled white rice grains — like popcorns and edible.

A sashimi dish with three kinds of sashimi: prawn, tuna and swordfish.

This grilled lobster dish was an alternative for those who don't eat raw sashimi.

Can't really recall what is this dish but I think it was grilled tuna — maybe will hassle my married friend to tell me what it is.

Then the paper-wrapped wagyu beef with mushrooms, green peas vegetable and radish. I love this!

Coming up towards to last of the 8-course meal were flavoured rice with fish roe and tasty clam miso soup.

And finally, dessert with fruits and a fruit tart.

It was a good experience to dine at Keyaki, but it is not a cheap restaurant. Since the ambience and food is good, it may be worth to splurge once in a blue moon.

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