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Singapore Eat: Victory Thai Boat Noodle @ Beauty World

Located on the ground floor (Level 1) of the old-school Beauty World Centre, Victory Thai Boat Noodle is a small eatery that serves mainly Thai food. As its name implies, the shop's signature dishes are none other than Thai boat noodles.

Victory Thai Boat Noodle @ Beauty World

Victory's boat noodles are available with either pork or beef. There are other Thai-style noodle dishes, rice and side dishes, etc. Prices are also very reasonable.

Victory Thai Boat Noodle Menu

The beef boat noodle (with glass noodle) is one of my favourites. I have eaten this dish more frequently than other dishes — I like all sort of beef noodles. The boat noodle contains slices of tender beef and two beef balls in thick delicious broth.

Thai Boat Noodle

The tom yum seafood noodle is a great option to satisfy the cravings for hot and spicy soup dish sometimes. Apart from fresh seafood, like slices of cuttlefish, prawns, mussel, etc, there is also a poached egg. The tom yum soup is so tasty it is difficult not to drink it all.

Tom Yum Seafood Noodle

Side dishes, such as curry, salads, vegetables and meat dishes, are suitable for sharing. Both the sour-spicy papaya salad and mango salad in Thai sauce are my favourites to accompany the non-spicy boat noodles.

Mango salad

Victory has two types of Thai desserts — mango glutinous rice and iced red ruby — that are great for after-meal enjoyment.

Red ruby

Victory Thai Boat Noodle's menu has expanded over the last few years and there are many more items to try.


144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #01-09 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

Opening Hours:

11:30am ~ 3pm, 4pm ~ 8:30pm | Daily


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